About Sunny Swearsky, Sexual Abuse Survivor, Reiki Master, PTSD Therapy Counselor

“By age 13, I was drinking, smoking pot and angel dust.  By 15, I was snorting cocaine, flying high on psychedelics and having sexual encounters with older men.”


Energy Healing & Wisdom Coaching


My journey began almost 30 years ago as a survivor of childhood sexual assault. I had no idea it would bring an expansion of consciousness that healed my soul, ended my suffering, and created great abundance in all aspects of my life.

This journey has blessed me with great wisdom and truth.

Wisdom through actual experience.

I was passionate about raising my vibration and learning about myself as an energetic being. Through discernment, trial and error, and developing my intuition, I found Truth. Truth is that which never changes. That which is eternal is never born and never passes away. Truth brings Grace, Love, and Light…transformative experiences that transmute the past.

The wisdom that I’ve gained is alchemical gold, spun from the junk metal of sexual abuse and trauma. It is this that I desire to pass on to you.

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By age 17, along with everything else, I was bulimic.  It wasn’t pretty. I was severely depressed, full of anxiety and had very low self-esteem. I didn’t have the money or the motivation to get help. I tried going to psychiatrists but stopped because I am very sensitive to medications and couldn’t deal with the side effects.  The therapists I saw didn’t seem to know what to do with me. I was very rebellious and confrontational.

WISDOM COACHING to expand consciousness

Spiritual Awakening and Wisdom Coaching Services for trauma recover, renewed sense of self and self empowerment for women

This is the Place Where Healing Begins

Spiritual Awakening Help Spiritual Coaching and Guidance

“…an infinite awareness was sparked, and a consistent energetic practice began.  The natural enlightened states of love, light, peace, happiness and abundance began to show up in my life first in small ways, then more pronounced. ”

You will be moving out of your limited, stuck, negative mind and into your unlimited heart where infinite possibilities, peace and joy reside. Each coaching session is curated specifically to your needs and goals. I share all my knowledge and experiences with you to save you all the years of work that I went through. Knowledge is power! May your life be enriched beyond your wildest dreams!

Wisdom Coaching teaches:

  • A greater understanding of who you are
  • How to address and desensitize reminders of the past
  • Re-establish peace within
  • Raise your vibration
  • Develop your intuition
  • Learn the Mindlessness technique
  • Easy meditation techniques
  • How to feel and heal your energy system
An awareness was born...I am a sexual trauma survivor- Spiritual Coaching - Wisdom Coaching Southington, CT

“…an infinite awareness was sparked, and a consistent energetic practice began.  The natural enlightened states of love, light, peace, happiness and abundance began to show up in my life first in small ways, then more pronounced. ”

Trauma can be a gateway to spiritual awakening and spiritual healing


  • Better relationships
  • Confidence
  • Resilience to life’s challenges
  • Greater abundance in all areas of your life
  • Peace of mind
  • Genuine happiness
  • Freedom from fear, guilt, and shame
  • The end of suffering
Blossom Beyond Abuse - Reiki Master - PTSD and Trauma Therapies - Sexual Assault Counseling

“I know what you’ve gone through and have a pretty good idea of what you may still be dealing with.”

Wisdom Coaching Services

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Meet The Living Light Programs

Trauma can be devastating and affects many people in many different ways. It may start off as mental and emotional suffering and eventually begin to manifest as a chronic illness. I offer “The Living Light Program” to address Post-traumatic stress disorder for healing at the core level, not just relief from symptoms such as anxiety, stress, depression, anger, fear, and addiction.

If you have experienced sexual assault or trauma, please know that you deserve the best this life has to offer! I am passionate about teaching you everything that I learned along my healing journey. Who knew that sexual assault could turn into such a beautiful and meaningful way to experience great love and happiness and also to have the honor of serving those that have suffered so horribly?

Are you ready to end your suffering and embrace true happiness? I lovingly meet you, with no judgment, where you are currently. It starts with a no-cost, no-pressure Discovery Call where you can learn more about the process of transformation.

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Reiki Healing-Distance Healing-Learn how to deal with anxiety, experience stress relief, let go of shame and guilt Blossom Beyond Abuse provides distance healing, spiritual coaching, wisdom coaching, spiritual healing and awakening assistance, and Reiki healing services for individuals seeking relief from anxiety, stress, guilt, and shame from sexual abuse, trauma, and PTSD from a wide variety of issues. Though I am a distance energy healer and am not limited to location, I serve clients from around the world and my local communities including Southington, CT, Hartford, Farmington, Newington, Cheshire, and West Hartford Connecticut.