The Living Light Programs for Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Trauma

“Sunny is one of the most inspirational women I know. Her mastery of Reiki helped me grow, moving forward beyond deeply rooted blocks. She is patient, kind and intuitive. Her spiritual guidance through energy healing and divine wisdom develops fast trust which to those of us experiencing personal issues is hard won. When you are ready, healing and its journey is one with Sunny’s practice and faith.” Deborah F.



A Healing Program from the Comfort of Your Home

The Living Light program came to be from the healing journey that I took as a survivor and now the thriver of childhood sexual assault and trauma.

I knew there was something more to life than the suffering, pain, and lack I was experiencing. Ultimately, it was an awareness of my true nature. An expansion of consciousness and a freeing of my mind.

The Living Light program is based on the philosophy of “Know Thyself”. We are unlimited energy in a temporary physical body. We are not our ego mind, the programmed voice of the past that puts us down, keeps us small, degrades us, and perpetuates pain, lack, fear, guilt, and shame. We can reconnect with our infinite and limitless Self. With Love, deep compassion, and a gentle nudge, healing happens. We are powerful beings of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, and Abundance. We are meant to have wonderful experiences here on Earth.

About The Living Light Program:

The Living Light Program is unlike any program that is out there!I personally meet with you once a week by phone or Zoom making the program available worldwide from the comfort, safety, and convenience of home. The sessions consist of empowering life coaching through meditation, developing conscious awareness, releasing limiting beliefs of the past and life changing distance energy healing. The program comes with the Light Box that is filled with tools for transformation (see below).

What will the Living Light Program do for you?

  • Release stress, anxiety and fear
  • No more triggers from the past
  • Peace of mind
  • Self love
  • High quality of life

If you are ready to make the commitment to implement lasting positive changes in your life, I extend a hand to you as we walk this path together…judgment-free, gently, and with great compassion. Get ready for your life to shift in ways you can only imagine at this time!

The Living Light Program is a 14 week 1:1 program with me, specific to each survivor. Investment: $1997.

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The Light Box

The Light Box

In a trauma-informed approach, I created The Light Box with everything that you will need to maximize healing.

The program includes The Light Box- a curated collection of tools I personally used to heal from PTSD and trauma.

The Light Box contains:

  • Recover from the Trauma of Sexual Assault Reclaim Your sense of SelfThe Living Light guidebook that I wrote-full of energy expansion and transforming practices to reinforce what you will be learning
  • Oracle cards
  • Affirmation cards
  • Chakra crystals with a necklace holder so you can wear the crystals
  • A custom essential oil specifically for trauma
  • A journal, pen, and markers for note-taking and art
  • A morning meditation MP4 that I created and recorded
  • A book on the Law of Manifesting

See Yourself Blossom in the Radiance of the Living Light Program!

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“The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations”-Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute

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Reiki Healing-Distance Healing-Learn how to deal with anxiety, experience stress relief, let go of shame and guilt Blossom Beyond Abuse provides holistic trauma and PTSD therapies for survivors of sexual assault, childhood trauma in adults, sexual trauma, assault in the military, neglect and individuals suffering from any type of trauma in general.

I am a distance energy healer, certified Reiki Master, PTSD, and certified sexual assault counselor, spiritual awakening, and wisdom life coach. I am not limited by location, I serve clients from around the world and my local communities including Southington, CT, Hartford, Farmington, Cheshire, and West Hartford Connecticut.