Sexual Abuse Survivors Struggle with Confidence

One of the major things that sexual abuse survivors struggle with is confidence. How do you build lasting confidence after sexual assault? You’ve suffered for a long time. Are you are ready to make real and lasting change?

Here are ways to build lasting confidence after sexual assault! You can regain your sense of self and feel empowered!

 Know Thyself

 Know thyself. This is my mantra. When you know who you are, you know that you are a divine being in  physical form. As a divine being, you are endowed with all the attributes of the Divine…the creator of all. When you know that you are One with All, there is no lack in any form. Love, peace, happiness, prosperity…confidence, they are all just the way life is.This is Truth, not a religious thing, although religion may resonate with you.

When you are ready to work with divine spiritual energy and have trust in It, your life takes on a magical quality. You no longer struggle. Confidence is high! Your true sense of self comes alive!

A Little Bit About Free Will

The Divine loves us so much, It gave us so much power that if we choose not to acknowledge or allow the Divine to work in our lives, we will be left to our own devices…no judgment. This is where the ego mind comes in. So if we weren’t taught about free will, we first, never knew that we are One with the Infinite Source of All and secondly, we don’t realize that we have free will to acknowledge It or not!

The Ego Mind

As I said before, we are divine beings in physical form. We know this when we are born. However, as we grow up and learn about the ways of the world, we forget about our divinity. The “shiny objects” of this world become more appealing. But they are empty without the understanding of where they come from.

Our ego mind wants us to believe that it is the creator of everything and that its ways are the best. The ego mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. It has a tendency to take over when that isn’t its job.

The Divine is True Love

 When we begin to re-establish our relationship with Source, we begin to develop trust and experience what true Love really is. When we feel that Love, the ego falls away. We are strengthened, sustained and fulfilled by this Divine Love. We are empowered and confident in all we do. It is the parent we never had, the mate that we look to to complete us in relationships, our best friend. There is nothing like It. The person we came here to becomes the dominant part of our life.

Ways to Know the Divine

Remembering the Divine Within

We have a tendency to ask for guidance outside of ourselves. At the beginning of our spiritual journey it can be helpful to get guidance from others that we trust. But ultimately, the most accurate guidance we receive is from within. Intuition is an inner knowing that is cultivated by connecting with and building a relationship with our Inner Divinity, Higher Power or Source. It can be called many things. Use whatever feels most comfortable to you. We build lasting confidence after sexual assault when we embrace our divinity.

 We Are One with the Divine

We are always connected to this Divine/Higher Power, because we are one with It. As we turn within, we find that it is always there for us. It knows what we need in every moment. Our journey is to be open to developing a relationship with it. When we get curious about It, It gets curious about us.

How to Communicate with the Divine

Have you ever had a “gut” feeling? How many times have you not listened to it and ended up regretting it? That is the Divine communicating with you. Listen to it!

Sometimes we will feel it in our heart area. If you place your hand on your heart when you have a question about what you should do or sometimes something as simple as what you should wear, placing your hand on your heart says that you are open to hearing what this inner guidance has to say to you.

Hearing that Inner Voice

It may come as a voice, a knowing, a vision. It is important to know that Source will never communicate to you in a harsh or hurtful way. Its communication will always be gentle and loving. If you are receiving negative responses, you may be hearing negative, limiting beliefs from your past, usually from the ego mind. With practice you can move beyond those thoughts to your true unconditional loving Self.


Exercises for Building Intuition and Self-Confidence 

Working Directly with Intuition:

  • Find a place to sit comfortably.
  • Follow your breath by counting ‘1’ on the inhale and ‘2’ on the exhale.
  • When you are relaxed and quiet, identify an event or situation that you’d like more insight about.
  • Focus on the event or situation for a few minutes.
  • Ask for a direct intuitive communication about it in the near future.
  • Let it go.


Use Oracle Cards: 

Oracle cards are a great way to begin the process of receiving inner guidance. The cards pick up on your energy.

  • Take out your cards each day and focus on a question or situation that you would like clarity on.
  • Shuffle the cards while focusing on your question.
  • Fan the cards out and choose one or two that feel right for you.
  • Read the cards to see how it answers your question/situation.
  • The more you do this, the more accurate your readings will become.

Ask a Question

  • Ask yourself: “If I knew I would receive help from my intuition, what is it I am most concerned about or most interested in knowing now?” For example: relationship skills, a rewarding career, personal evolution, financial stability, etc.
  • Formulate a question and ask it internally as often as you can.

Practice, Discipline and Determination

With practice, a bit of discipline and determination, you will build confidence in your guidance. This will create a new sense of self. You will begin to feel inspired, energized and empowered knowing that you have the answers within!

Confidence and Self-Esteem Soar!

We can build lasting confidence after sexual assault. As we turn within and develop trust in our Inner guidance, we gain confidence that we are able to make decisions for ourselves. Once the confidence ball starts rolling, self-esteem grows.

Self-esteem is a high vibrational energy. When you raise your energy, you move out of the lower vibrational states of shame, guilt and unworthiness that keep confidence low. You begin to sense that there is life after sexual abuse. The sun begins to shine again in your life. With practice and dedication to developing your Inner Guidance, miracles become regular occurrences. You are in the flow. This is the way life is meant to be.

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